Services of our law firm in Luxembourg

Lawyers of our Luxembourg law firm, are entitled to provide any type of legal services

Indeed, pursuant to article 2 of the law of 10 August 1991 on the lawyer’s profession, lawyers must be registered at the bar in order to assist or represent clients, plead on behalf of clients before any courts, receive evidences in order to present them to Courts, draft and sign necessary claims, arguments in procedures and prepare the case in order to plead it.

According to these provisions, our law firm in Luxembourg can draft legal advices or opinions, and can represent its clients before Luxembourg courts.

Our law firm based in Luxembourg is furthermore subject to the rules and ethics of the lawyer’s profession. Accordingly, the provisions of the code of conduct on the lawyer’s profession apply.

As a consequence, our Luxembourg law firm is subject to the key principles on the lawyer’s profession detailed under article 1.2 of the code of conduct: diligence, dignity, awareness, independence, probity, humanity, honor, loyalty, delicacy, moderation, courtesy, disinterest, confraternity, are the imperative duties for the lawyer.

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