Law firm in Luxembourg

LG Avocats is an independent law firm established in Luxembourg.

Our law firm is not dependent on any other structure and does not have financial ties with any other law firm in Luxembourg or abroad. Our law firm accordingly enjoys a total freedom regarding the clients that it assists.

Lawyers of our law firm are registered with the Luxembourg bar and are subject to the law of 10 August 1991 on the lawyer’s profession, and to the regulation of the Luxembourg bar association dated 14 September 2016.

Accordingly, lawyers of our law firm are subject to the requirements which regulate the lawyer’s profession and in particular to ethics rules. More specifically, lawyers are not entitled to represent or assist clients who have opposite interests; lawyers have a privileged relationship with their client; lawyers are subject to professional secrecy; oral or written communications between lawyers are confidential; lawyers must have a reasonable billing policy, under the control of the Luxembourg bar;

Furthermore, lawyers of our law firm can provide legal advice, draft legal documents, contracts, assist or represent parties, plead on behalf of their client before Luxembourg courts, and in particular before the Civil courts, the employment courts, and the court of appeal.

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