Law firm in Luxembourg & professional secrecy

Professional secrecy ensure your case will be safe in the hands of law firms in Luxembourg

Lawyers must comply with the law of 10 August 1991 on the lawyer’s profession, and with the regulation of the Luxembourg bar association dated 14 September 2016.

This regulation provides that the lawyer must comply with laws and regulations that apply to him, in particular related to regulations in respect of money laundering, financing of terrorism and corruption. Lawyers must comply with fundamental principles of the lawyer’s profession which are diligence, dignity, independence, conscience, collegiality, courtesy, respect.

Luxembourg Lawyers are furthermore subject to professional secrecy. According to this principle, lawyers regulated by the Luxembourg bar shall be required to keep secret any information confided to them in the context of their professional activities or mandate.

Disclosure of such information shall be punishable by the penalties laid down in Article 458 of the Criminal Code.

Luxembourg lawyers are also required to avoid any conflict of interest. This means that our Luxembourg law firm, prior to working with a new client, will conduct a conflict checks in order to verify that there is no conflict.

Our law firm in Luxembourg may however accept instructions from clients acting in competing markets who have different commercial interests.

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